What the theme for the collage is probably ocean theme since its has coral and beach things like the laves and what I think the artist created this was to send a message of how pretty the ocean is so what I think what the artist did was to create like the heart of the ocean by using the coral and shape onto a heart and create the heart of the ocean and make it beautiful and I it came out really good.




Magazine Cover


 Poetry and  Photography

The reason I chose the the words to go with the first image was that my subject was in the dark but had a sparkler with her and the quote matched it since the sparkler is the only light you can see. For the second image the words are meant to describe the McDonald’s menu behind the water drops and I found it pretty funny that’s why I decided to do this one too.





National Geographic 797

National Geographic 1262    National Geographic 1074

I chose these three magazine covers because the first one shows an image of a woman she’s living her life and you can tell her emotion/face expressions that she is happy where she is and I love the colors and the location this picture was taken which was at Beach. The Second magazine cover is one of my favorites because it was based off of one of the older magazine cover of a girl who was a afghan refugee and based on the Cover it says that they found the the girl which follows up to the third magazine cover of the girl who was a refugee and was a very beautiful woman and her eyes was the most eye-catching and her beauty too.









Each photo relates to my culture by showing the type of food I eat like for example, my image shows sea food like shrimp and crawfish and our family loves to each sea food. Also, the type of religion I am in like I am a catholic, so I took a picture of the Virgin Marry. Lastly, I took a picture of my ps5 controllers since I love to play video games and some of my family like to game and I am a gamer who loves gaming.



The article is about how Adam Marelli was trying to find a way to describe his work. Since he didn’t fell like he belong to any of the groups in the photography world/community. And throughout the article he was trying to describe how his style  and the type work  he does. And how its different form others. Also we wanted to create a new group/style for photography so that other people that do similar work like him can feel like they can be part of the same group as he is in and doesn’t get like left out.

Adam Marelli wrote this article and separated  this into sections that each explain a topic about him and his opinions and experiences and his feeling toward photography. Like for example he talks about how National Geographic won’t do black and white pictures and how he wanted to be part of National Geography but can’t be since his work is all about black and white. so then explains how black and white can be amazing. overall, he found/created a new type of style for photography.

What found interesting about this article was how I just realized that National Geographic don’t like to work or like make their images in black and white. I thought they wouldn’t mind if it was both in color and in black and white. another thing that I found interesting was that I realized that there are many like types of photography styles but there are times that there is like no style that you want to be in so like in this case Adman create his new photography style. 




The ten words that I would describe my image is that it is black and white, interesting, dark, cool, beautiful, unique, engaging, hard contrast, and bold





What I think the photographer captured so many motion pictures. and those images show really good like face expressions that you may even feel the emotions that those people were going through. especially the rage and their mad faces and it like almost feels like if you there. and can hear all the noises the yelling the screaming and the sound of pepper spray and flash bombs the police were throwing to the people. And I do think that this will be remembered in history as an event that caused a problem to our country, but wont be like a major event like compared to a w. And would help us not repeat the same mistake that some people did.






5 tips I learned for when it comes to taking pictures in motion blur is that one when taking pictures of a person holding an umbrella it is best to have the person holding the umbrella to open it  over their shoulder and behind their head and then have them slowly twirl it. second tp was when taking a picture on the pay ground it is bet to have the subject on the swing or sliding down the slide for the image to be very blurry. The third tip was that when taking pictures of someone spinning make sure to have a tripod so the image can come out very good. the fourth tips was when it to take pictures of the street and cars passing by  make sure that your safe from danger. the last tip is that when taking pictures of someone dancing to have good lighting and a tripod.



 what I think of Wassily Kandinsky work is that he work with a lot of shapes and color which in my opinion is very creative and kind of hard to work with and have to really think outside of the box. And it very simple but elegant like some colors really are common colors but work together. Like one of his art pieces has natural colors but made a great art work and he makes the shapes into someone or something and it likes challenges your mind to try to see what he created out of shapes and makes you really think at what you are looking at. And I like his art work especially one or his art works is my favorite and it called “To create a work of art is to create the world” and I love the colors and how he made some shapes to look like a bot is sailing the sea made out of oceans and I feel like art work makes me feel like nice.

To create a work of art is to create the world.. Bauhaus Movement



what i think of Sandy Skoglund work is that she is very creative and she really thinks outside of the box and makes amazing art work that makes you really stare and look at the image. And in my opinion her art work is amazing and very different and unique compared to other famous artists out there. To me she stounds out because of her artwork. And how she used interesting objects to put all over her art work and question you on why she did it and make you wonder how the objects and go with the artwork. Like for example my favorite artwork of hers was the one with all the fishes around the room and like why did she do that and the artwork came out so good and the colors she picks stound out. Overall she is an amazing artist.








                    MY FAVORITE TEACHER 

My favorite teacher I choose to photograph is Mrs.Cauchon. the reason I choose her was because she inspired me to do photography. and she helped me learned many skills on how to take a good photo. which to me are fun to do and important. since  pictures capture good times and i like taking pictures of friends, family and even the world. she inspired me so much since her job is being a photographer and how she would tell us stories of what she did in her life as a photographer. And give me inspiration to hopefully do that one day.

She is also one of my favorites teachers and Mrs.Cauchon is amazing at teaching photography. And she is my favorite teacher because I like her personality and she is fun teacher which I like. she is also very helpful and she helps me when I need the help. and she gives advice on how to make something better than it all ready was like on how to take a good picture how to edit good. and she is the reason on why i like photography and now i love taking pictures and like to edit since she taught me everything I know about editing a picture. overall, she is an amazing teacher and my favorite teacher.     

 10 tips to good flash photography

  1. bounce the light. which means pointing your flash elsewhere and like have a neutral-colored wall, ceiling, or a reflective card on your flash. which creates a bigger light source and soften the light that will hit your subject, resulting having a good picture.
  2. Never point directly to your subject if you do it result on having a really bright picture and wont see your subject,
  3. Diffuse your flash which is like  to bounce it and using a diffuser enlarges the size of the flash area to create softer, more even light. For a good picture like in a studio.
  4. Make Use of Ambient Light by using this it will add context to your subject and give your photo a sense of atmosphere. 
  5. Use Colored Flash Gels it will make your picture more colorful and fun.
  6. Enable High-Speed Flash Sync and by doing this you flash fires longer and in the exact moment that the sensor is fully exposed and makes your image much better.
  7. Use More Than One Flash and when you use more than one flash can make your image to have better lighting or make your subject really standout especially when its dark.
  8. Use TTL Technology by using this it can help make shooting under changing ambient lighting conditions a whole lot easier and make the picture so much better.
  9. Use Indirect Flash if Possible it make your image so much better.
  10. Watch out for Walls with Colors since the color walls can change the color of your image.

              $10,000 Photography Shopping Spree

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera and it cost $2,699 and I need this to take great studio pictures since i want to be photographer that works in the studio.

  2. Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod  I would use this t help me have a better positions and wont get blurry picture when I’m shooting gin my studio and it cost $59995 

  3. Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount (36″) and I would use this to help with the lighting in the studio and it cost $12400

  4. Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Dual To Go Kit and this will also hep with the lighting and help me get good shots when I’m like doing portraits and this cost $2,124.95

  5. Impact 7′ Improved Parabolic Umbrella (White/Black) I would get this t help improve the lighting in the studio like t can make the light soft and it this cost $5997 

  6. Raya 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc (42″) and I would get this reflector because it also helps bounce the light off and hit the person and would make a good picture and it cost $2395

  7. Impact BGS-S12-V2 Background Support System (12′)  and I got this because every studio should have a background to make the picture better and more professional and it cost $10495

  8. Studio Essentials Wall Mounting Kit for Paper Rolls I would get this because I would use it when I want to change the background or when the background doesn’t make sense if I do a specific theme for a shoot and it cost  $7149

  9. Serif Affinity Photo (Download) and I would get this because this is where I would edit my photos  shot and this program is one of the best and s recommended and it cost $4499

  10. Seagate 8TB Expansion Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive and this was recommended to studio photographers and would help by storing and having enough space for my pictures and it cost $18999

  11. Apple 24″ iMac with M1 Chip (Mid 2021, Silver) i would get this computer because is one the best options for working on editing your pictures and has very good quality for the phots and a good computer to edit and it cost  $2,09900

i would need all of this equipment for studio photography and I only spent about $8,142.24


    Double Color Exposures



             Social and Political Issues in Art

I feel the way because our home is slowly getting damaged and then soon there will be no home for anyone since the pollution is bad for our environment. And it effects everyone like us humans and all animals. And making this I can give more awareness to other people to take action and try to help and save the earth from pollution. and I got influenced by seeing other people taking action and participating n cleaning the parks or the beach sine there is a lot of trash there especially in the water and many animals eat the trash thinking its food but instead get killed by it if not the animals get stuck in the trash or the trash gets stuck on them like on the neck, fins, or even nose and results them dying from the trash that people keep dumping all the trash to the ocean.







Ralph Lee Hopkins is a wildlife photographer and has a background in geology that fuels his interest in both wild landscapes and with the wild creatures. And being a wild life photographer has many challenges but he has learned how to capture the images that made him successful. and since he loves taking landscape photos this provided to be an essential factor regarding the way Hopkins works with animals in his photography. he spends so much traveling and visits some of the most remote regions on Earth from both poles to southeast Asia to Baja, California. but Ralph once that “Every photographer dreams of working on their own projects. I’ve been very lucky to work on some important conservation photography projects, helping organizations in Baja, California, and Galapagos, including an aerial expedition in Baja last year with LightHawk, WildCoast, and the International League of Conservation Photographers. Although the equipment I carry varies by destination, my approach is always the same—to capture the best images possible in the moment. That said, I look for more storytelling images in the conservation photography work. And I’m not afraid to shoot disturbing images that show impacts. For travel photography, and my work with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, I’m looking for the perfect image in great light that makes you want to be there. It is a dichotomy, and the resulting portfolios of images are very different.”. overall, whether photographing under the auspices of  hired work, or challenging his personally set agendas, Hopkins’s commitment to detail and storytelling remains the same. he set an educational background in the settings in which he spends most of his time, he brings a trained eye to his subjects and has the experience and knowledge to relay the wild’s true sense of character.

Peter Tellone is a landscape photographer and he is one of the most well respected and oldest styles of photography. And the differing from other genres of photography is that the landscape photography moves at a slower pace with more time and energy focused on crucial compositions, perspectives, and timing, in a conservative and methodical way. and landscape imaging does not rely nearly as much on a perfect shot when its silence  or when an objects is not on focus but rather its about accuracy. since the land doesn’t move like animals or humans. But is very important on the type of camera is used when taking pictures since you don’t the picture to come out bad. the lens of the camera is important. and to also depend show far your taking the image since Peter uses professional equipment that include cameras many type of lenses and which all are expensive but kind of do require to have if you want to be successful like Peter is right now. Mainly peter states that landscape photography is all about handling and placing elements of nature scene into an aesthetic composition, with respect shared between personal visons and capturing the lay of the land. the landscape photographer makes use of both personal intuition and the equipment’s innate abilities to enhance the landscape and point to specific nuances in order to lend greater importance to an overall subjective view.


                                                               STUDIO PORTRAITS WITH STROBES AND GELS


20 words to describe this photo is that it is cool, colorful, dark, shadowy, good looking man, reds, pink, dark purple, model, good clothing, professional, good composition, good highlights, bad guys vibes, good portrait, nice quality, man, nighttime, good pose, good editing, and good camera.  




                                                  BLOCK PRINTING



The plane in the middle is one of my dreams that I can see myself in ten years. and to me the plane represent to travel around the world. and when I do travel I feel free and happy which I would like that in the future. the image with the gaming set up is another dream I see myself doing in the future. Since I love to play video games and I’m pretty good at but I also want it as my job to or a side job if possible. Which follows the next image the picture of a microphone. and that means to stream video games and become successful by streaming video games in the future. 

And then come the picture of money I see myself becoming successful by streaming video games since so many people that I seen become successful by streaming video games were able to have so many opportunities that help them in life which I would like that for myself too. And can help my family too with the money I make if I become successful which is the image with the family at the beach. I can see myself with my family being happy and that image also means to have a family of my own and have a good life because of my successful of my career of a gamer/streamer. Which lead with the picture of the big beautiful house u hope can get n ten years where me and my family can live. 

But for the image of the business women  hope I can start a business thank to my dream job seen I seen people do this and made their own company and became so successful. Which the next picture explains how the girl is filming her self like doing makeup and I love doing my makeup and hope to make my own makeup line which is the business I want to start and hope it becomes successful. Lastly the last image of healthy foods is what want for myself in ten years. I can see myself being healthy so I can have good health and to loose weight too. And I would like all of my family and friends to be heathy too. So, this is what I see myself doing in the next ten years a good, healthy, successful, happy, and most important be able to make my all my dreams come true.



                       READ AND WRITE

 5 ways to have stronger compositions when you are behind the dslr camera or cellphone is 1st to include a focal point. what that means is that a photo should have a main subject or point of interest. thus making the focal point of your photo meaning and offers the viewer a place for their eye to rest. Without it your image is not really hold the viewer’s attention for a long time so its best to try to have this in your image. 2nd is to follow the rule of thirds. And what the rules of thirds is about where you position the main elements in a scene. The rule suggests that an image will look more balanced and aesthetically if you position important parts of the scene off-center.

 The 3rd way it to include foreground interest. And when Including foreground objects it is a great way of adding interest to your photo. It also gives an image more depth, helping to lead the eye from the front to the back of the photo. And one way to accomplish this it is to shoot from a lower angle and it often makes it easier to include objects in the foreground. The 4th way is to also use leading lines in your photo. By using leading lines in your image it will be a great way of leading the eye into your image thus making people attracted towards your photo. Lastly the 5th way is to break the RUELS! Photography is an art, NOT a science. There are no rules to follow you do you. You can take a picture the way you like it and how you want it. An image may not have like leading lines or a focal point but still be a good photo. Those ways I talked about were some tips I guess to create a somewhat a good photo.



                         CUT AND PASTE COLLAGE

                           MIRROR IMAGERY

              RAW VS. JPEG CAPTURE

when you are going to take pictures with your camera you may be taking pictures on raw or jpeg. what’s the difference you may ask well the difference between taking and image on raw and jpeg is that when you take a picture and it is set on raw, no processing is applied, and therefore the file stores more tonal and color data. With more data stored in the file, there is more processing flexibility than a JPEG can offer. Also when the image is taken on raw the raw file contains a specific meal that you can prep/edit however you’d like too. Raw also has more options for correcting exposure issues.

when shooting on Jpeg there is a difference between shooting on raw. For example when you took a picture on Jpeg the image is already processed by your camera meaning that it’s straight out of the camera. And has already been developed by the camera’s image processor. Jpeg settings may have adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation, and even sharpening can be already applied to the image. Due to how Jpeg works when editing the image you took while shooting on Jpeg the image gets compressed format designed to yield smaller file sizes, a lot of tonal and color data has been permanently discarded during the compression process. so for a more simple explanation how Jpeg works is that the meal already cooked, and there is less flexibility in how you can modify it.


                         IMAGE PROJECTION 

                        MAN AND NATURE


                       SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD



What I learned about camera exposure and camera modes


what I learn first about the camera is that the camera exposure is what determines how light or dark an image will appear. There are three camera settings which are the aperture, ISO and shutter speed. And the aperture: controls the area over which light can enter your camera. And the aperture is specified in terms of an f-stop value, which can sometimes be counterintuitive, because the area of the opening increases as the f-stop decreases. The Shutter speed: controls the duration of the exposure. Also, The shutter speed controls how long this light is permitted to enter the camera. Lastly the ISO speed: controls the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to a given amount of light. Also the the ISO is similar to shutter speed, it also correlates 1:1 with how much the exposure increases or decreases. But also, the aperture and shutter speed can affect the image when it is a lower ISO speed will almost likely always desirable, since higher ISO speeds really increase image noise. resulting the ISO speed only increased from its minimum value if the desired aperture and shutter speed, which other wise make it obtainable.